Google Experience: The new launcher in Android 4.4 (Rumor).

google launher

As the time pass, and we are all waiting for the official announcements about the new version of Android and also the Nexus 5, the rumors and leaks are becoming more and more. So, now we are sure enough, that Google is preparing a new launcher, with the name Google Experience. 

These rumors have emerged from an investigation into some segments of the code Android 4.4 KitKat. Also, in the following screenshot, which comes from the website Android Police , we can see the typical message displayed when adding a widget to the launcher.


The launcher seems to be the Google Experience, which we are believe, that it will be available to everyone at Play Store. Besides, the announcement of the new version Android 4.4 Kit Kat, contained the phrase: “It’s our goal with Android KitKat to make an amazing Android experience available for everybody”.

So, if the latest rumour is to be believed, then this means that with Google Experience anyone can build their own stock Android device, based on the latest release, no matter what brand of phone or tablet they have. Also, means that the devices will look just like a Nexus device. It won’t remove bloatware, or change the underlying things like the kernel or the actual Android version, but it would be a really good move for users who dislike how TouchWiz or Sense looks.

However, Google has not given us officially an item, not even announced the date of the event for the presentation of products. But the day of “revelation” does not seem to be away. So, we will be waiting for all the details.


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