Google Donates 17,000 Nexus 7s to Hurricane Sandy Victims


It’s been a year since Hurricane Sandy wrecked havoc on the east coast that led to many people losing their homes and jobs. And it’s not something that people can overcome in just a year. That’s why Google wants to help by donating 17,000 units of Nexus 7 tablets (unconfirmed if it’s the 2012 or 2013 model) to the New York State Community Action Association.

The Nexus 7s will be going to community centers, libraries and business development groups for both education and job training. Some of them will go to senior centers, to help older residents communicate with friends and family that lives from afar. While this donation won’t have as much of an immediate effect as direct aid, it is a big help for people who needs the entertainment to help them forget and take a break from the pressures of getting back up on their feet.



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