Get a good night’s sleep with Netatmo Weather Station

Results gathered by the Great British Sleep survey show that half of us have trouble sleeping. For the unlucky 50% there is a new product called Netatmo Weather Station, which helps create optimum conditions for a peaceful slumber.


Room temperature is one of the key factors which ensures a good night’s sleep. Experts suggest between 15-19°C as the ideal range. Netatmo is compatible with Android smartphones or tablets and allows you to monitor temperature, humidity, air pressure, noise and CO2 levels. When paired with a sleep monitoring app you can tweak conditions until you find perfect atmosphere for a restful night.

Netatmo has an indoor and an outside module. The cost is €169 and you can also purchase and install up to three additional indoor modules (€69 each), that allow you to monitor air conditions in multiple rooms. Data can be accessed via the free dedicated Netatmo app or from the website.


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