Golden HTC One M8 anyone?

Truth is that we have seen our share of golden smartphones in the market, after Apple released its iPhone 5S. Now it’s time for HTC to have its own golden device, called – come on- HTC One M8.


Goldgenie is to blame once more since they are the ones who managed to create such a device, at a cost of around 2300 Euros! We’re talking about 24k gold and it is available in Rose Gold or even better, Platinum edition that are both a tad more expensive at 2430 and 2550 Euros respectively. Oh and if you already own an HTC One M8 then you can give it to Goldgenie and they can make it gold at a cost of almost 1200 Euros. Oh and don’t forget, you have already spent 750 Euros for it, don’t be a scrooge!

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