Galaxy Tab 3 Game Edition Spotted In Europe; Complete With The Newly Announced Gamepad Controller


Samsung announced the Gamepad just a couple of days ago, a controller made specifically for Samsung devices to make it easier to play premium games instead of using the ‘messy’ touch controls. Well it’s not that it’s impossible to play them using touch controls, but some games now have console-like gameplay and controls that using your touch controls can be difficult to use. It’s been said to support only Samsung’s flagship devices, but today one device were added – and a tablet at that.

Guys, meet the Galaxy Tab 3 Game Edition. It’s an 8-inch Galaxy Tab 3 that comes with the new gamepad controller in one package. Included too, is an HDMI adapter that will allow players to hook up their Galaxy Tab 3 Game Edition to their television sets, fulfilling one’s Android gaming dream experience.

This may come as a gimmick to promote Samsung’s new accessory but having it bundled with an 8-inch tablet is a great idea. The Galaxy Tab 3 is specced enough to play the most demanding games currently available and it has big enough screen and battery for a better and longer gamepley experience.

The Galaxy Tab 3 Game Edition is only destined for Europe for now, much like the GamePad controller itself. But since Samsung is making the move to bundle the gamepad together with a device, we can expect the Tab 3 Game Edition and of course, the Gamepad itself to soon be available in other markets as well.



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