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TITLE:                    FRUIT NINJA
PRICE:                   FREE

Fruit Ninja, by Halfbrick Studios is a juicy action game enjoyed by millions of players around the word. It’s capable of slashing your free time as easily as it cuts flying fruit into juicy chunks. The main goal in Fruit Ninja is to slice your tasty-fresh fruit with a samurai sword as quickly as possible, while avoiding bombs. When the game starts, different varieties of fruit will fly up from the bottom of the screen. The player will use their fingers to swipe across the screen and slice as many pieces of fruit they can swipe at once, like a true ninja warrior. The player can swipe up to 5 fingers at once if need be. There are different blades and backgrounds that can be unlocked when certain milestones are achieved. It’s easy enough for anyone to play at first, but like similar Android games, Fruit Ninja gets harder to play as you advance and unlock more levels and games.

There are three game modes: Classic, Zen, and Arcade. In Classic you’re challenged to slice fruit as it flies on screen while avoiding occasional bombs that will end the game immediately or allowing three fruits to drop below the bottom of the screen. Slashing multiple pieces with one swipe earns bonus points. Arcade mode steps up the challenge, and the targets are more numerous and you can pick up powerups including Freeze, Frenzy and Double Score. In Zen mode you won’t have to worry about bombs or missed slices, but will need to slice as many fruits as possible in 90 seconds. Actually Zen mode is for those masters of concentration and reflex who are ready for a challenge, with whole bunches of fruit tossed into the air at once.

Last but not least, we have to mention that Fruit Ninja it has also an educational part. When you pass a stage, then except of your score, you will get also a message about fruits and healthy benefits!


With the release of Fruit Ninja Free comes a host of new and exciting changes. Free Fruit Ninja now provides language support for over 14 languages and also an improved performance across a range of devices. “Stay tuned for heaps of new content (and a few surprises) that coming real soon!”: Halfbrick Studios says!


Here it is a step by step tutorial.
At the homepage of Fruit Ninja free:


– Choose which mode you want to play. The path is Main menu, NEW GAME, and then choose the mode.(The controls are extremely simple, requiring you to swipe your finger through a flying fruit and with this way you will slice it with a ninja sword).

TIP. The following picture depicts the Main Menu.



– If you choose the Classic Mode: In Classic Mode the player is faced with the task of not just slicing fruit, but also avoiding bombs. Throughout the mode bombs will randomly join a group of fruit, and if the player slices a bomb, it’s game over! Also, if the player allows three pieces of fruit to fall without being sliced, the game will end. The score is based on how many fruit you sliced, plus bonus points for combos and critical hits. Also, the player can gain back fallen fruit chances for every one-hundred points they gain.
– If you choose the Arcade Mode: In Arcade Mode players have 60 seconds to get the highest score possible. This game mode features bombs and three powerups that take the place of bananas as well as a bonus score awarded at the end of the round. The double points banana will award you double points for a short period of time. The frenzy banana causes tons of fruit to fly in from the side of the screen, while no bombs are thrown up for the duration of the powerup. The freeze banana stops the timer and slows down the entire screen allowing for easier combos.

TIP. The following picture depicts the Zen Mode.You have 1:30 min to smash up the fruits.

– If you choose the Zen Mode: Zen Mode is a slightly less stressful version of Classic Mode. There are no bombs and no limit on how many fruit the player can drop however, the game is timed at 90 seconds. Zen mode encourages players to play for combos to increase their overall score as compared to simply just slicing fruit with no pattern. It is a great mode for beginners to get the feel for the game without the stress of failing.
– If you choose the Multiplayer Mode: With the 1.4 update, Halfbrick added the ability to play online multiplayer games through Apple’s Gamecenter. You can play with a friend or a complete stranger. In Fruit Ninja’s multiplayer mode, a series of fruits are tossed up like in a normal game, but the fruit either have a red, white, or blue border. The blue fruit are your fruit and you gain points for slicing them. The red fruit are your opponent’s and must be avoided. If red fruit is sliced, points will be deducted from your score. The white fruit are for both players. The player that slices the white fruit first will get extra points added to their score. Multiplayer rounds last for one minute. The player with the highest score at the end wins.

fn12– Do not forget to select a ninja sword.The path is from Main menu,DOJO and then SENSEI’S SWAG.



– Also, you can find three different power-ups that are on offer, including Bomb Deflects, which swat bombs off the screen when you accidentally hit them, Berry Blasts, which appear randomly as you play and give you five points apiece instead of the usual one, and Peachy Time, which add extra time to Arcade and Zen Modes. All of the power-ups are automatic, so you don’t ever have to think about pressing a button to use them. That’s particularly nice, because it means you can focus on clearing the screen when things start getting hectic.

TIP. The path is Main menu, DOJO, GUTSU’S CART.




– You can find all the extras by following the path Main menu, EXTRAS, and find rewards or communicate with your friend with Social links like Facebook.



1) It is a free game.
2) Very good graphics.
3) Fruit Ninja is simple, fun, addictive and best of all challenging.
4) Extremely easy and unique controls.
5) Educational part with fruit-healthy messages when a stage is cleared.


1) Fruit Ninja has good graphics, but if your device lacks power, you can enable a graphics fix option. If your device is fast, you can turn on ghosting trails.
2) Because Fruit Ninja free, as its name says, is a free game, it has many advertisements which are annoying.
3) Some people are annoying because there are so many permissions required for this app. Like your contacts, your accounts and a GPS location! The question is why a simple game of fruit ninja wants all that?
4) Fruit Ninja can attract more of our attention if some mini games will be included.


Fruit Ninja offers just the right amount of action. It has bright colors (the crisp and colorful graphics make each slice satisfying, leaving the appropriate colored splat as the juices hit the board behind the playing area), it is addictive and challenging. Actually it is a simple yet incredibly satisfying gameplay perfect for both adults and kids. So, just give it a try!


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