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Developer TribePlay has a series of popular apps for youngsters featuring the cute character Dr. Panda. His original incarnation worked in a hospital, (and we have already made a review for this game), where the kids could help him take care of his patients. But the clever doctor has extended his empire since then, and running a restaurant is his latest business. And same as before, he’s calling on the children for assistance.

Dr. Panda’s Restaurant, is a cooking Game for Kids, (as the name may suggest), and the right age in which this game addressed is around the pre-school range of 2-6. Younger ones will find this a lot of fun but won’t be able to use it by themselves and may become frustrated. Older ones will find it too simple. It’s difficult to find children’s apps that appeal to a wide age range, however, this app has a tremendously appealing with plenty to do.

The game starts and 8 different adorable animals (such as an elephant, hippo, polar bear or raccoon), each dressed for fine dining, arriving with their car, and get welcomed by Dr. Panda, (now the chef of this restaurant). The game consists of a two-floor restaurant, delightfully styled, and in each floor you have to fill a two-person table, with the cute animals. Our preschoolers have 10 different recipes with dishes and drinks. Each dish has a simplified step by step recipe to follow, there are no audio clues, but I didn’t find them necessary. The dishes, among many others, are pizza, apple pie, corn soup, Chinese wok, fruit milkshakes and gingerbread men. Now it is the time that our preschoolers can learn the basics of cooking and complete varied activities such as slicing, frying, toasting, mixing and baking. When the cute animals-guests finished eating, the tables need wiping and re-laying, the dishes need washing and the rubbish needs to be sorted and put out for collection. But the central activity is cooking for the clients.

Also, feel free to salt or pepper dishes table-side. Turn lights on or light the candles to make guests happy, and do tap around the page to find the other activities included. Do not forget to search for little surprises such as a spider which sometimes visits or a mouse which eats from a small plate left for it. So, Touch & Discover, learn cooking and cleaning, and most of all have fun and enjoy! After all, we all are “little children” as well!!


Here it is a step by step tutorial:

At the homepage of Dr. Panda’s Restaurant:

– Grab the animal-guests (which arriving with their cars) and put them to the tables.

– Press which animal you wish to serve (it is better to choose the one which came first).

– Follow the steps (as you can see them on the screen), to cook the right recipe.

– Clear the corn (just touch the pieces with your finger and the bowl will be full).

– Draw lines across the vegetables, chop them and fry them.

– Put all the ingredients in to the pan and stir them.

– Your food is ready just serve it!

– Fry the butter and stir the eggs, your Chinese Wok is ready and hot. Do you want a bite?

– To puree fruit, you tip it in a blender and press the button.

– Building a gingerbread man involves dragging pastry decorations onto the dough.
– When the animals finish their dishes, then grab the dishes and put them in the trolley.

– Grab the dishes and wash them in the sing.

– Go down and pick up more animals which are waiting to be served.
– Do not forget to touch the screen and discover all the little surprises here and there.
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1) Learn the basics of cooking with Dr. Panda’s 10 recipes.

2) Learn to help with the housework via 3 additional minigames.

3) Touch & Discover: Fantastic artwork, fun animations and sounds.

4) Kid-Friendly: Easy-to-use interface and no reading required.

5) Kids Safe: No third party advertisement or any in-app purchase Privacy Policy.

6) Dr. Panda’s Restaurant comes closest to a true cooking simulation while keeping the needs of children in mind, making these activities easy to perform and enjoy without the

chance of failure and devoid of scores and timers.

7) Suitable for children of 2-6 years.

8) It offers everything, and to a high standard of quality.


1) Adding more mini-games would give the app more staying power.

2) The starter screen has a button for parents and an external link, but the lack of a normal menu also means the app lacks the level of user options that you might expect. For

example if there are options to mute the music and sound separately – or indeed at all – I couldn’t find them. And I’d have liked to, because while the sound effects are

excellent, the music will please children but rapidly become repetitive and annoying to adult ears.



Dr. Panda’s Restaurant is an app which allows kids to participate in all the activities needed to run a bright, colourful restaurant.

For kids, this game combines meal time with fun time, without any mess!

Additionally, kids won’t only learn the basics of cooking (how to prepare and serve food), but they will also learn to be helpful at home, by playing extra housework mini-games.

My opinion is that Dr. Panda’s Restaurant is an awesome and affordable app that preschoolers will love. So, just give it a try.


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