CyanogenMod’s cLock widget now available on Playstore as “Chronus”



Everyone loves the innovation that CyanogenMod brings to the Android table and one of them is the cLock widget. It has been first shared for non-CM devices here that delighted a lot of non-CM users that wanted some parts of CM on their devices. and now it has been officially made public on Playstore as “Chronus”.

Chronus is capable of displaying the time (either analog or digital), the weather (colored or monochrome), upcoming calendar events, and more if you’re on Android 4.2 (4.1 and below can’t use all of it’s features). Chronus is free to download but Developer David van Tonder stated about his plans on releasing a pro version of the app later this year with additional options so definitely watch out for more cool features of this app.

Playstore link

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