CyanogenMod Nightlies Now Available For The HTC One M8

HTC One M8

Got the HTC One M8? Well here’s something that could even make you happier with your device – CyanogenMod. Yes CyanogenMod has finally made it’s way to HTC’s newest flagship smartphone as the official nightlies has started rolling out now. If you’re a newly converted Android user, CyanogenMod or CM for short is the most popular third-party Android platform out there. It’s very light but full of useful features, which is obviously the opposite of the bloated stock that most basic users have been using now.

You can just head over to Cyanogen’s website for more information and the download links. Check the codes for your device’s corresponding model below to make sure you are downloading and installing the right build. Lastly, make sure to make a backup first and has enough battery juice to flash and restore in case something bad happens while installing CyanogenMod. Happy flashing!

# 0P6B10000 – International
# 0P6B12000 – AT&T/Dev Edition
# 0P6B13000 – T-Mobile
# 0P6B16000 – Telus/Rogers (Canada)
# 0P6B20000 – Verizon
# 0P6B70000 – Sprint

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