CyanogenMod Installer App Removed from Play Store



Just earlier this month, the CyanogenMod team published it’s CyanogenMod Installer app into the Google Play Store to help make it easier for users to install CyanogenMod on their Android devices. But it looks like the app will have to find a new place to stay as the team just announced via their official blog that Google has contacted and told them to voluntarily remove the application as it was violation of Google Play’s developer terms.

The Google Play Support team stated that the app was in violating the terms because it “encourages users to void their warranty.” While the app itself doesn’t do anything wrong, it does aides users to enable the ADB tool and install CyanogenMod which of course, voids the user’s warranty. But there’s nothing to worry for all CM fans, as the CyanogenMod team will continue to make the app available and that they’re planning to submit the CyanogenMod Installer app to Amazon and Samsung app stores.

This comes as a disappointment as people will have to have another market installed aside from the universal Google Playstore. Having it available Launching in the Amazon and Samsung app stores will obviously help as they are popular app markets as well, but it looks like the team and it’s users will have to rely on sideloading and word of mouth for now.



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