Cyanogen Inc Acquires Another Talent In ChaOS ROM Founder Clark Scheff


Just a day after acquiring AOKP founder Roman Birg, Cyanogen Incorporated has acquired another top-tier Android developer in Clark Scheff, the founder of Chameleon ROM, or ChaOS for short. Scheff will be Cyanogen Inc.’s newest software engineer in Seattle.

ChaOS ROM is also based on CyanogenMOD but what makes it distinctive is that it allow it’s users to further customize their Android devices especially on the user interface thanks to the ChaOS theme engine which has been their most popular feature.

And as for the question “what will happen to the development of ChaOS ROMs?,” Scheff stated that he still plans on contributing to ChaOS as long there are no no conflicts of interest while being employed at Cyanogen Inc., and of course, whenever he finds some free time.

Cyanogen Inc. has definitely leveled up with the acquisitions of two of the best minds in the Android community and we expect good things from CyanogenMOD soon.



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