Check Out The Tizen Z9005 RedWood Running On Tizen 2.2 On a Hands-On Video

tizen redwood

The Samsung Tizen Z9005 ‘Redwood’ is the company’s first device running on Tizen OS.
The Tizen OS is being co-developed by Samsung and Intel in which both companies (especially Samsung) envisioned an ecosystem, where users can connect all their Samsung Tizen devices from phones to home appliances.

The Tizen Redwood runs on Tizen 2.2 as 3.0 is still under development. The device has pretty much the same specs with the Samsung Galaxy S3 and even the UI looks similar with TouchWiz which makes the device look and feel more ‘Samsung-ish.’ Except that the icons are a little cartoonish that looks simiar to Nokia’s icons. The menu layouts and options also looks similar to Samsung’s Galaxy devices.

Overall it’s looking pretty much the same as Android for now but let’s not forget that Tizen is still on it’s early stage of development. And with Samsung aiming high with this OS that could potentially be their go-to OS, We expect no more less than the level of Android when it finally becomes official.



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