Mugen 5,900mAh Extended Battery For The Samsung Galaxy S5 Now Up For Pre-Order│Ships June 6th

Mugen extended battery for Galaxy S

If you’re a power user that loves to play demanding games or watch a lot of videos on your smartphone, you’re probably not contented with the current battery that you have. And that’s one of the reasons why most manufacturers make their batteries removable so consumers can replace your current one with a spare to keep your device going. And another alternative to that is gaining popularity nowadays are extended batteries.

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LG And Harman/Kardon Collaborates For A Premium Bluetooth Headset

LG Harman Kardon BT Headset

LG announced today a new premium bluetooth headset in collaboration with popular audio product manufacturer Harman/Kardon – The Tone Infinim (HBS-900). The Tone Infinim, according to LG, offers superior sound quality and comfort in a stylish design highlighted by sleek curves and glossy metallic finish. The Headset also features LG’s retractable wire management technology to avoid tangled wires.

LG fans that are waiting for the LG G3 may want this headset as it is particularly optimized for … Continue reading

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Zero Lemon’s 7,500mAh Extended Battery For The Samsung Galaxy S5 Now Up For Pre-Order

ZeroLemon Galaxy S5

If you’re a power user or just a fan of using extended battery back covers searching for one on your new Samsung Galaxy S5, here’s some good news as Amazon has now made the 7,500mAh extended battery by Zero Lemon up for pre-order at $49.99, that will ship come May 14th.

Zero Lemon is one of the most popular extended battery manufacturer out there, and has gained quite a reputation especially with Samsung consumers. With the Zero Lemon 7,500mAh … Continue reading

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Samsung Galaxy S5 Wireless Charging Cover Now Available on Amazon

Samsung Galaxy S5


Built-in wireless charging. Samsung fans asked for this before with the Galaxy S4 and Galaxy Note 3, only to be disappointed come launch time. And until now with the Galaxy S5, Samsung still refuses to add wireless charging on it’s high-end products as a feature which many of us consumers will be delighted about. Why? Marketing? Only Samsung knows. But this problem doesn’t come without a solution as official wireless charging covers from the S4 to … Continue reading

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Omega Files Pro v1.2.4 released


Omega Files Pro v1.2.4

Added Omega Files Repo for S5
Minor fixes

OTA Live Update Notifications
Direct links to download Omega Roms from two super fast servers
Pause and Resume option to Downloads for Omega Roms and for all Omega Files
Resume the same download for an Omega Rom zip file from both servers.
Flash mods and Omega Roms straight from the app, compatible with most recoveries.
Option to flash zip files from any folder on the device
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