Carphone Warehouse Apparently Has Thousands Of Nexus 5’s Awaiting Launch


Never-ending rumors and leaks. That’s all we’re having about the Nexus 5 for months now. But we all know that the Nexus 5’s launch should be just around the corner, and this new information can justify to it even more.

A leaked screenshot popped up from Android Police this afternoon that shows Carphone Warehouse, one of the biggest phone retailers in the UK, has about 3000 Nexus 5′s in stock. While the screen only shows 1500 White Nexus 5′s, Android Police was also told there are 1500 black units as well.

The screenshot above shows that there are 1500 Nexus 5′s in White at the Wednesbury warehouse which is a real Carphone Warehouse location.



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