Carbon For Twitter Hits Token Limit


If you aren’t aware of it yet, Twitter has this thing called “Token Limit” where third-party Twitter clients can only support up to 100,000 users or tokens. And if that limit is reached, no new users can sign-up using that third-party application.

And the newest addition to the list is the popular Carbon for Twitter. Developer M.Saleh Esmaeili stated his opinion about it telling it’s users that he’s not interested in doing any workarounds to get this issue. He only wished the users good luck in getting a token if they ever want to use the app. He also said that he will keep supporting the app with regular updates.

The sad thing about this limit though is most users who has stopped using the app often doesn’t relinquish their tokens to give way to the other users.

Many users has complained about this restriction made by Twitter before, with all attempts failing so far. We can only hope that they will finally lift the restrictions and give the users to freedom to choose which Twitter client to use instead of forcing them to use the official app.



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