The benchmark woes – not just Samsung


So, you thought it was just Samsung? Guess what, “optimized” benchmarks like this is a common practice in the Android ecosystem.

Anandtech has released a report that most devices from major Android OEMs are “optimized” to score higher than it should in benchmark tests. see this for a more detailed explanation.

AnandTech conducted tests to various devices and discovered that other manufacturers, namely Asus, HTC, and LG, has done this as well. There are a few devices that came out clean though, like the Motorola Razr i, Moto X, Nexus 4, Nexus 7, and the Nvidia Shield. See the benchmark table below: (from Anandtech)




Again, benchmarks may be important to some people, but as said many times over benchmarks scores can’t really be “that” accurate as there are ways to gain higher scores – highlighted by this. The android OEM scene is one of the most competitive out there and it’s no surprise that some Android manufacturers are willing to go as far as misleading their customers and the media. Let’s just shake our heads together and hope this tomfoolery ceases in the future.


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