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ART against Dalvik – video comparison

With the release of Android 4.4 KitKat operating system, users got the first experience of ART, the Android Runtime that will eventually replace the outdated Dalvik.

ART is designed to use ahead-of-time compilation, which means your apps are compiled in a ready-to-run state from the very first time you install them. In laiman’s terms, ART is said to launch apps much faster and without some of the lag issues found in Dalvik.

android-4.4-dalvik-art-settingsIn the demonstration video made by Continue reading

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More than a quarter of all internet traffic comes from mobile devices


In May 2012, 10 percent of people were accessing the Internet through mobile devices around the world. Public Relations firm Walker Sands just release new data, that show 28 percent of their clients surfing the Web on smartphones and tablets. This is a 67 percent increase from Q3 of 2012. Internet usage coming from iPhone and Android mobile devices will continue to grow. iOS devices are still the leaders of all mobile traffic with 47 … Continue reading

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Hangouts bug: a lot of emoji temporarily disables the app

Google Hangouts were updated recently with the long awaited SMS integration, but apparently a new-found bug makes the app temporarily unusable. When large numbers of emoji emoticons are sent in a group chat, Hangouts will force close and fail to restart.

hangouts_kalagas_resizedReddit community posted this news, after a group chat with twelve people prematurely ended. Supposedly over 10 pages of emoji icons were sent, when the app crashed on everyone’s Android device and the chatters were … Continue reading

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Samsung phones with almost double pixel rate in 2014

Soon the smartphone world will be talking about WQHD resolution, or 2560×1440 pixel displays. On Samsung’s Analyst Day, the company presented its future plans, talking also about its display technology in the next couple of years. The South Korean giant promises to squeeze AMOLED panels with over 500 ppi and 1440 p resolution into a 5.2-inch handset.

samsung-dev-slideThat’s not all, because in 2015 they intend to go even further by expanding the resolution up to Ultra HD 4K (3840 x 2160). … Continue reading

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New Google Maps with fewer updates than expected

Google has updated the Maps app to version 7.4.0. What’s new: a couple of adjusted gestures and new UI elements.

google-maps-1Regular Maps users will notice that one-finger zoom gestures are now reversed. You have to double-tap, hold and drag down to zoom in. The vertical view commands are also different, for a bird’s eye view you need to drag down with two fingers, while dragging up will adjust the 45 virtual degree view. Explore menu shows some minor visual changes, … Continue reading

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Oppo N1 Limited Edition with pre-installed CyanogenMod ROM

Chinese based manufacturer Oppo just announced a limited shipment of the N1 handset with the default operating system CyanogenMod. While regular N1 phones run the Oppo’s very own Android 4.2 ColorOS and have the option to install CM via stock recovery, N1 CM edition will be running CyanogenMod software out of the box. The device will not only come with CM features, but will also include some “extra CyanogenMod accessories”, like stickers and special packaging.

oppo-n1Oppo N1 CM Edition hits international stores … Continue reading

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