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Samsung Galaxy S5 rumored to have improved one-hand navigation

The average Smartphone screen size is constantly being enlarged and operating the device using just one hand is becoming ever more difficult. Samsung tried to bypass this flaw with one-handed mode on the Galaxy Note 3, but that only reduced the display size, pushing the home screen to the corner. According to some recently revealed patents, the South Korean firm might be working on improving the feature with Galaxy S5.


Users would be able to resize the Touchwiz interface … Continue reading

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Oppo N1 available for purchase from December 10


Oppo will sell its N1 through Oppystlye.com online store and in some third-party online shops, like Amazon. The price of this unlocked smartphone is $599 in the US or €449 in Europe.

N1 will ship with two Android-based operating systems, Oppo’s Color OS and CynogenMod, switchable from a preloaded stock recovery that doesn’t require root or extra apps.

Oppo N1 is a hardware beast with a 13MP dual-LED rotating camera, a touchpad on the back and a Bluetooth-enabled remote control/key-finder. Snapdragon 600 processor is a bit outdated, but … Continue reading

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Youtube 5.3 update

YouTube-3G-AndroidAfter a month Google has rolled out a new Youtube for Android 5.3.24. The app keeps getting only minor changes, which is also the case with the latest update. Let’s go through them.

Search results for channels are now displayed on top, followed by related videos and playlists. Before you had to select what to search from the dropdown menu.

Above the channel logo, there are now three tabs replacing the previous dropdown option.

In the navigation menu (swipe from … Continue reading

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Samsung’s iris scanner confirmed

The implementation of an eye scanner in the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S5 was only a rumor, but now the company confirmed it by a patent filing.


Apparently the original technology they wanted to use had limitations in being too big and expensive for a mobile device. But with the new ”Iris Scanning Function” that captures the user’s iris using the phone’s camera, things are on the right track again.

A proximity sensor and a light emitting unit provide enough … Continue reading

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Coming soon? KitKat update for the Galaxy Lineup


All major smartphone manufacturers (HTC, Sony, Motorola) wasted no time in announcing and releasing the Android 4.4 KitKat update, in order to improve their sales numbers, attract more customers and still keep the loyal ones. Samsung, however, kept quiet and only rolled out 4.3 updates for Galaxy Note 2 and S3. The latter proved to be a bit soon and was put on hold. Now a document leaked from the Samsung R&D (India), showing a Kitkat update timeline for … Continue reading

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Samsung Galaxy S5 unofficial concept video

Waiting for a new flagship smartphone can be nerv-racking, especially if you’re a true Android fan. 🙂 Luckily rumored news satisfy our hunger at least for a short time. O2 Guru TV made a concept video for the Galaxy S5, showing of a slick flexible aluminium design and monster specs. We’ll know in a couple of months, if they came anywhere close to the actual S5.


Galaxy Round and recent rumors of S5 having a wraparound display are what influenced the video. … Continue reading

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