Asus reveals teaser video before CES 2014

4, 5 or 6?? Whatever your favorite number may be, it looks like Asus will have a special device for your liking, if we take for granted what this new teaser video implies.


In it we can see a strange rain from little colorful balls to an almost sunny day, with drivers and bypassers gasping in awe with what they see, in the sky of Taiwan! The video is entitled “what’s your number?” but gives no more info regarding what we’re gonna see from Asus in CES 2014 that will take place between 7-10 January 2014, in Las Vegas. We still have some scarce info regarding a most awaited hybrid device running on Windows and Android but guys, pay attention, nothing is certain at this time, so take it with a pinch of salt, until CES 2014 opens its gates.

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