Android Watches To Launch An Android Compatible Smartwatch Next Month


I know what you’re thinking. So let me tell you ahead that you are wrong. Title is confusing? Well not exactly.

In case you haven’t heard of them yet,   Android Watches  is a US-based company that manufactures watches since 1991.  And what could be better than Android producing an Android compatible watch? None.

Android Watches is set to launch their first Android compatible smartwatch next month, according to their website. It will let you make and take phone calls, play your music, and features a voide recorder as well. (see video at the bottom)

A function list shows that the watch will also serve as a pedometer, and will give you the option of having an analog or digital time interface. The watch will have many designs and colors like blue, red, orange, black and white. Price is still unknown. We’ll keep you updated like always.

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