Android is the most rapidly evolving product in history of technology

Well I guess you already know it, but now it’s official. According to Asymco and analyst Horace Dediu, Android OS is the most rapidly evolving product in the history of technology!


The chart above depicts the most successful technological products through the years, along with numbers showing their adoption from people and the time span needed to obtain their place in history. Android looks like the… star among all the other technologies like Facebook, Xbox 360 or iPod. It has already succeeded to have 1 billion activations in 5 years (20 quarters), and if you’d like a comparison with other operating systems: Apple ha s700 million activations in 23 quarters, Symbian had 450 million activations in 44 quarters, Blackberry 225 million in 43 quarters and Windows Mobile had 72 million activations in 30 quarters.

What do you think? Don’t we have a winner here?

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