Android KitKat 4.4 Highlights


Yesterday Google announced the newest version of Android, the KitKat 4.4. Today we will try to give you the most interesting Highlights of this update, to know what to expect when your device is upgraded.

Let’s get started to enumerate them:

  • Project Svelte (extends Android 4.4 support to older devices with as little as 512MB of RAM)
  • New Storage Access Framework (makes opening files a more consistent and attractive experience)
  • Wi-Fi TDLS Support (allows for faster direct data transfer on a Wi-Fi network without slowing other devices)
  • New Transitions Framework (allows developers to animate on the fly or use transitions, scenes for richer UX)
  • SELinux Defaults (to enforcing rather than permissive, other new security features)
  • Bluetooth MAP (will make Bluetooth integration with your car to consume a lot less battery)
  • Audio Tunneling To DSP (dramatically reduces battery consumption when playing audio)
  • New Step Detector and Step Counter (Low-Power sensors, other battery-saving optimizations)
  • Android WebView is now powered by Chromium (will make crappy web wrapper apps less crappy)
  • Printing (added the ability to communicate with local printers over Wi-Fi or with any printer in a Google Cloud Print account to print any document, image or file)
  • Truly Full-Screen (Apps can now hide the Navigation Bar)
  • IR Blasters (natively support of IR Blasters, but only sending behavior, not learning / receiving)
  • Direct System Volume Control by Bluetooth devices (no more messing with 2 volumes)
  • Moto X-style “OK Google” (Motorola’s Moto X Voice Commands are included by default, but only on the Nexus 5 for now)
  • Native Screen Recording with MP4 output
  • Smarter Caller ID (able to give you results about local Business Search as well)
  • Emoji (Google keyboard now supports emoji)
  • Transparent Navigation and Notification Bars (now apps can requested transparency from Android framework)

In our opinion, KitKat may not be a major update, but it brings a lot of new features that have more to do with the substance despite the look. We have to admit that Google has made a lot of progress on how Android manages the hardware and the applications of the devices. The main features for us are the better RAM and Battery Consumption handling.

All Smartphones are suffering from battery consumptions. So it remains to be seen if Google made good work on this with the KitKat 4.4 update. But we must not forget also the other new features that come with KitKat. All are welcome and all of them will make our life easier.

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