Android 4.4.2 KitKat For The Samsung Galaxy S4 And Galaxy Note 3 – What’s New?



The latest Android OS version – 4.4.2 KitKat has finally landed on the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and we have tried the test Android 4.4.2 build for the Samsung Galaxy S4 as well. So what’s new aside from the obvious ‘KitKat’ upgrade? What are the Samsung specific changes that has been made along with the update? And as we all know, Samsung doesn’t provide any change-logs for their firmware releases but thanks to a document leaked to SaMMobile, we now know all the new features that came along with the update and how to use them.

The most noticeable changes are there is now a new menu in settings where users can select their default apps, like messaging app, and launcher, the location menu now offers tighter control over location services, more ’emojis’ have been added to the keyboard, wireless printing support.

You can find the full 4.4.2 change log by downloading this document or by watching the hands-on video below made by our official YouTube partner, Ash from C4ETech.


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