Amazon and HTC plan to unveil 3 smartphones (rumors)

Well it looks like that the rumor of the day (or the month perhaps) comes from the Financial Times and insists that Amazon is already working with HTC to build three new smartphones – with one of them being almost ready!


With out having any solid information, the news post from the Financial Times insists that this first smartphone will premiere sometime in 2014! It is however the first time we read that Amazon plans to work with a manufacturer (and especially HTC), in order to create a smartphone. HTC on the other hand is already in deep trouble the past couple of months with really low sales worldwide and shortages in shippments. Obviously a possible cooperation between HTC and Amazon could combine innovation with an affordable price. Both companies know how to do this and they can provide the best result! What do you think guys? Would you buy a smartphone from HTC and Amazon?

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