Ads Might Be Coming to KitKat Dialer According To APK Codes



Google has made some changes on the dialer with Android 4.4 KitKat, where it now looks a lot nicer and it is now much more functional. It now has a smarter Caller ID, enhanced search, and a new card-based UI.

And now that the Nexus 5 factory image is out, it’s only natural that enthusiasts tinker and play with the APK’s too see what or if something is hidden out there. And according to Ars Technica Ron Amadeo, there’s some code in the APK that clearly refers to ads. However it’s still not clear how or if they will be implemented into the dialer.

<string name=”enable_disable_advertisements”>Advertisements</string>
<string name=”advertisements_enable”>Advertisements enabled</string>
<string name=”advertisements_disable”>Advertisements disabled</string>

Google has already started to include ads in Google Maps and now in Gmail. Wherein some people got upset. But let’s not forget that this is where Google gets most of their revenue from. And like what they did in Google Maps and Gmail, i’m pretty sure that Google will integrate ads with style that you won’t even notice when you get used to them.



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