Acer Announces The C720P Chromebook – A C720 With A Touchscreen Display


It seems like Acer has fallen in love with Chromebooks as they are going with them as of late. They have previously announced the C720 which has 4GB of RAM and Intel’s Haswell chip for $249, as well as a 2GB model of the C720 for $199. Now they’re back with another chromebook called the C720P. And as the model name implies, it is pretty much the same as the C720, except for the touch screen display.

The Acer C720P chromebook weighs a little under 3 pounds which is pretty good for a laptop. It also features a dual speaker design which delivers crisp and clear stereo audio. And like every other Chromebook,the C720P comes with 100GB of Google Drive storage free for two years. It also comes with 12 free Gogo Inflight passes, which will allow customers browse the internet while travelling at no extra cost.

There’s not much information about the availability of the C720P but it will be available in stores like Best Buy, Amazon and Acer’s online store. The Acer C720P chromebook will start at $299.99.



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