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Cyanogen Inc Acquires Another Talent In ChaOS ROM Founder Clark Scheff


Just a day after acquiring AOKP founder Roman Birg, Cyanogen Incorporated has acquired another top-tier Android developer in Clark Scheff, the founder of Chameleon ROM, or ChaOS for short. Scheff will be Cyanogen Inc.’s newest software engineer in Seattle.

ChaOS ROM is also based on CyanogenMOD but what makes it distinctive is that it allow it’s users to further customize their Android devices especially on the user interface thanks to the ChaOS theme engine which … Continue reading

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AOKP Founder Roman Birg Joins CyanogenMod Incorporated


Big news everyone. Roman Birg, founder of AOKP (Android Open Kang Project) aka the pink unicorns, is now officially a member of Cyanogen Inc.

AOKP was born shortly after the release of the Google Nexus back in 2011, and quickly rose to become one of the most popular custom ROM in the Android community and second only to of course, CyanogenMod. Both the Cyanogen Inc. and Roman Birg confirmed this news and Birg seems … Continue reading

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OnePlus One – Color OS to Cyanogenmod Conversion (/w OTA & Google Play)

OnePlus One Convert CyanogenmodThis is my tutorial on how to convert the Color OS Edition OnePlus One to the Cyanongenmod Edition with OTA support and access to Google Play services including the Google Play Store.

OnePlus allows us to flash Cyanogenmod from the stock recovery and so that’s what we do in this video.

You can download Cyanogenmod from HERE.

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CyanogenMod Installer For Mac Users Now Available



The CyanogenMod Installer is Cyanogen Inc.’s solution to remove all hassle upon installing CyanogenMod ROMs on one’s device, making it more user-friendly. So if you are new to the Android world and want to try installing CM on your device, you won’t be experiencing the headache that we all once had.

One major limitation of the CM Installer though, is that it’s only compatible with Windows. And now that limitation has been lifted as the company has introduced the CM Installer for … Continue reading

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OnePlus Launches ‘NeverSettle’ Wallpaper Crusade For the Upcoming OnePlus One CyanogenMod Phone



We just reported yesterday that OnePlus has collaborated with Cyanogen Inc in an attempt to to bring the ‘best hardware’ and ‘best software’ together on a smartphone that they’ll call the OnePlus One.

And now OnePlus has started the #NeverSettle campaign where they made the OnePlus One’s potential lockscreen and homescreen available for download, and for people to share it in order to increase the awareness towards the relatively new company and it’s upcoming OnePlus One … Continue reading

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OnePlus Partners With CyanogenMod To Produce OnePlus One Smartphone



We heard about if before, and now it’s official. OnePlus and CyanogenMod Inc will collaborate to bring the ‘best hardware’ and ‘best software’ on a smartphone that they’ll call the OnePlus One.

“What’s coming is one of the most popular mobile operating systems specifically developed for the best hardware, with a unique twist. The smartphone industry is ripe for disruption, and 2014 should prove to be a huge year for the future of the market.” says OnePlus CEO … Continue reading

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