ZTE Set To Launch A Low-Cost Smartwatch Next Year


As many of us know, ZTE is known to make affordable smartphones. Even their high-end products costs much lower than other OEM smartphones that sports similar specs.
And now, ZTE is looking to join the smartwatch race and compete using the same high-end but lower-cost style of marketing.

According on a Wall Street Journal interview, ZTE’s upcoming smartwatch will offer technological features that are similar to existing products such as the Galaxy Gear, but will sell for lower prices for cost-conscious consumers. “We are focusing on the mainstream market,” said Lu Qianhao, ZTE’s head of handset marketing strategy.

ZTE plans to unveil the smartwatch in the first quarter of next year and start selling it in the second quarter and will be sold only in China, but may enter the U.S. and European markets later based on how their Chinese consumers react to the product.

ZTE’s first smartwatch will only be compatible with ZTE smartphones, but the company may consider releasing other smartwatches in the future that will work with all Android smartphones from any brands, Mr. Lu said. He also said that the company is exploring their options in pther wearable technologies, such as smart glasses and smartphone-connected shoes for healthcare purposes.

I am not a fan of smartwatches but Should ZTE’s first smartwatch becomes a hit in China and decides to make another smartwatch that works on other Android devices as well, It would definitely be great for consumers to have a low-cost but high end alternative option when it comes to smartwatches.



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