Zombie Tsunami: Review

Zombie Tsunami
by Mobigame S.A.R.L
Arcade and Action

Zombie Tsunami – formerly known as Zombie Carnival, is a platform runner game that puts you in control of a growing horde of zombies hell bent on eating brains and spreading the zombie plague like a destructive tsunami.

What’s Hot:
– unique and challenging gameplay
– nice clay-like graphics

What’s Not:
– not much difference with other endless-runner games

In the endless-runner mobile game genre there are different types. You have the 3D-ish multi path endless runners popularized by Temple Run and Running Fred and then you have the classic single path one button endless runner popularized by Canabalt. This game is the latter type. It plays as a single path one button addiction fest in which you start out with one zombie and need to run and jump over a plethora of hazards while eating people to grow your zombie horde. One of the biggest aspects to Zombie Tsunami and the one that makes it “unique” is the zombie horde dynamic. While you are running you will come across helpless people which if you run into you eat and then they become a zombie running alongside you in a train like fashion. The benefit to this is you can then hit an obstacle which kills your zombie but now you have another one in backup to take its place, so the more zombies you have in your horde the more obstacles you can hit and the longer you can run.


The simple gameplay (tap to jump) doesn’t at first seem like it would lend the game a lot of replay value, but well-crafted missions and upgrade goals will keep bringing you back. An in-game market provides power-ups, cosmetic changes for your zombies (hats), and other gameplay bonuses. These can either be purchased with coins your zombies have collected during each round or by purchasing coin packs from Mobigame.

The Verdict: 8.0

Though it doesn’t seem to be any different than any other endless runner games, Zombie Tsunami is still a fun game with a humorous graphics and a lot of replay value. Definitely worth a try.

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