Wanna make your Android phone look like an iOS 7.0 device? (nah)

Despite the fact that a lot of people all over the net think that the latest version of iOS 7.0 looks impressively like Android, we post this just for those of you out there who think that their Android smartphone should look like iOS 7.0.


It’s a completely useless app that will allow you to make a joke to your friends that’s named iOS 7 Lockscreen Parallax HD and you get to have for free from Google’s Play Store, here. It makes your Android smartphone look more iOS 7.0 than ever with all the special feature of Apple’s latest update along with Apple’s (fake) icons next to Google’s Play Store for example! If you have nothing better to do try it out. You will have fun with all those out there that will be baffled with what they see on your smartphone’s display! #epic_trolling 

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