Wake up on time with Shake Me Up Alarm Clock

How many times you had your smartphone alarm clock set and you postponed its annoying early-morning ringing with the snooze button? Sure feels good to doze of for another 10, 15 minutes, but in the end you wake up late going to work or school. Shake Me Up Alarm Clock will change your bad waking habits.


Shake Me Up is different from other Android alarm clocks. The main idea is that you have to work hard to silence the ringtone – your only option is to shake your device. Alarm will ring even if your phone is on silent/vibrate mode, or you try lovering the ringing volume by pressing volume down button. All of these features are automatically disregarded, so cheating is not an option.

The app has a minimalistic UI and configuring it is pretty easy. You set the alarm time, ringtone, ring volume and the shake function difficulty level. “Effortless” is an easier level, while more difficult ones range from “workout”, “damn this is hard” to “evil”. The higher the level, the more effort you have to put in shaking your phone. Once you’re happy with your settings, turn the alarm on. When the alarm sound rings, the shake meter has to be set, before you can turn the alarm sound off (screen must turn from gray to orange green).


  • simple, minimalistic and stable UI
  • no snooze or dismiss button
  • silent/vibration mode is fully disregarded
  • six shake difficulty settings: effortless, warm-up, standard, workout, damn this is hard and evil
  • configurable volume settings
  • app stays active in background
  • custom alarm sounds


  • you can only create one alarm at a time
  • no repeat alarm option
  • no custom labels option

Shake Me Up Alarm Clock is recommend to all, who have problems waking up. Ok, there are some minor downsides, like the inability to set multiple alarms, missing repeat alarm or custom labels options. But all-in-all, it’s a pretty innovative and useful app, and if you are determined to become an early bird, try this app for free.


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