Ubuntu Touch OS to be released on October 17


While the Ubuntu Edge smartphone plan did not succeed, their plan to merge our smartphones and desktops onto one OS didn’t – as Ubuntu Touch is set to launch in exactly one month. Canonical has confirmed the launch date for their new Touch OS is in exactly one month, and will be free starting October 17th along with Ubuntu Linux 13.10.

Earlier this year the Ubuntu Touch Developer Preview has been open for various devices and has been having quite some good feedback from users in the Android World. and now the final v1.0 is about to be released!

“We are exactly one month away from the release of [Ubuntu 13.10] Saucy Salamander,” Skaggs wrote on the 17th. “As part of that release, Ubuntu is committed to delivering an image of Ubuntu-Touch, ready to install on supported devices.”

“Only four and a half weeks to go, and phone 1.0 will be a reality!”


Don’t expect Ubuntu Touch to be available for all devices though, as Canonical said that the first discrete devices running the OS aren’t expected until late 2013 or early 2014.


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