The Walking Dead: Assault Review: Take out hordes of zombies using tactics

The Walking Dead: Assault
by Skybound LLC
Arcade, Action, Strategy

The Walking Dead: Assault, is a top-down strategy game that puts you in control of Rick and the gang in exciting battles that look like they were ripped right out of the comic-book and planted on your anroid device.

 Why it’s hot:

– fast-paced engaging battles
– lots of active/passive skills to play with and use for strategies
– storyline and graphics brings the comic-book series to life
– completing achievements awards you with artworks and trivia about the story

 Why it’s not:
– group battles using melee weapons are a major frustration
– needs control options/improvements



The Walking Dead: Assault is the comic-book series brought to life specifically the first story – “Days Gone By.”
In this game, your goal is simple – Wipe out the walkers at each levels, and gather up as many supplies as you can. Live or Die.
Players control a party of up to four survivors from the comic-books from a top-down tactical perspective.
Each of the survivors has his or her own unique skills and weapons to help the team survive, making each one important and pivotal for your team’s survival.



The controls are pretty simple, yet difficult. it’s basically tap, double tap, and hold. but the variety of skills and weapons for each character will give you a lot of strategies to use for every encounter with the walkers.
you can control your team as a group or as an individual. the same goes with weapons. and this is where it becomes fussy.
switching between four heroes while engaging waves of zombies is a hassle since you can only use the switch button. if you want to switch weapons for a specific character then you need to switch (by order) characters first then change weapons. by that time one of your heroes will be most likely dead.

Game play though is great and fun. it’s all about tactics and guts. waves of zombies coming at you in different direction can be easily overwhelmed or overwhelm you based on your strategy and placement of your characters. each characters has skills to activate that can help your team kill or or get out of danger. and repetitiveness is non-existent because you will be taken by the rich story-line straight from the comic-book itself.



You can also improve your team’s overall stats by upgrading ammo capacity, damage, health, and adrenaline by trading in supplies. IAP’s are also present to help you buy more supplies that can help you unlock more characters.
The achievements system is pretty rewarding as well by giving you some artworks and trivias from the original comic-book story.
You can also share and compete with your friends in Google+ with the leaderboards system.

 The Verdict: 7.5/10

Fan or not, you will not be feeling out-of-place with this one. the game will let you re-live the story with great graphics and exciting, fast-paced action fighting with the infamous walkers. controls are a little limited and frustrating and needs refining but it’s something that every user can get used to.

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