LG G Flex heals itself in promo video

Remember when LG announced G Flex with the “self-healing” back cover a few weeks back? Well here is a demo video, showing that feature in action.

LG_G_Flex-4_verge_super_wideA robot hand with a wire brush is scratching the regular and the G Flex plastic back covers. Applying 500g (1.1 lbs) of pressure, the scratches almost completely disappear after a few minutes. At 750g (1.65 lbs), it takes the scratches longer to vanish, but eventually they do. The G Flex even survives a … Continue reading

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CyanogenMod with Screen Recording feature


The new app captures videos of all real time action on Android smartphone’s and tablet’s screen. As you can see in the video posted by CyanogenMod developer Koushik “Koush” Dutta, there is support for audio as well.

Regular users and developers will be able to record screen activity of their devices, by simultaneously pressing volume up and the power button. They will also have the option of showing the movement of the finger on the display. Recording’s status will be shown … Continue reading

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