15 More Companies Partners Up With Tizen


Samsung and Intel’s new prodigy, the Tizen OS may have been delayed but rest assured that the association is becoming bigger and bigger as time goes by. The Tizen partner program already has 36 companies joining them, and now 15 more ranging from app/game vendors to network carriers and manufacturers has joined in the ranks to partner up showing their support for the unreleased OS.

Here’s the new members of the Tizen partner program:

Samsung Sends Out Press Invites For Sneak Previews Of Their Upcoming Tizen Devices


Samsung has never failed to keep Tizen a topic for us to keep it’s hype from fading, and after many delays for the announcement of their first ever set of Tizen devices, here’s their latest attempt to keep the fire going by sending out invites for their official sneak preview of their upcoming Tizen devices that is set to happen on February 23, at Hotel
ARTS Barcelona.


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ZTE Geek Running On Tizen OS To Be Revealed At MWC Next Month?


According to a new report coming from the Greek Tizen community, ZTE will reveal refreshed smartphone device that will have Tizen powering it at the upcoming Mobile World Congress next month in Barcelona, Spain.

The Tizen powered device, is said to be the ZTE Geek. The Geek device was announced a year ago at the same event, but running on Android OS. And now the device is said to make another appearance at MWC but now with … Continue reading

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Tizen phone release in Japan gets cancelled

It looks like Samsung thinks highly of its first Tizen smartphone but if news are true from Japan, things are a bit more serious. An NTT DoCoMo spokesperson recently admitted that the market isn’t big enough to cope with 3 operating systems, leaving Tizen OS outside far from Android and iOS. So even though the platform is being supported by Samsung, Intel, Orange and Vodafone it will take some time for it to make its stand in the market.


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Tizen Will Finally Unveil It’s First Set Of Devices At Mobile World Congress



Tizen OS, being developed by Samsung and Intel, has been making noise for quite some time now, and Samsung has never been shy stating their big plans where they not only intend to produce Tizen-powered smartphones, but they intend to create an ecosystem where several gadgets and appliances can sync with one another with Tizen OS running on all of them. There has also been several developer previews of what a Tizen smartphone/tablet will look and … Continue reading

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Check Out The Tizen Z9005 RedWood Running On Tizen 2.2 On a Hands-On Video

tizen redwood

The Samsung Tizen Z9005 ‘Redwood’ is the company’s first device running on Tizen OS.
The Tizen OS is being co-developed by Samsung and Intel in which both companies (especially Samsung) envisioned an ecosystem, where users can connect all their Samsung Tizen devices from phones to home appliances.

The Tizen Redwood runs on Tizen 2.2 as 3.0 is still under development. The device has pretty much the same specs with the Samsung Galaxy S3 and even … Continue reading

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