Samsung explains ISOCELL technology found in Galaxy S5’s camera

Samsung has been working on ISOCELL technology for quite sometime now, trying to improve the camera features of their smartphones and according to their official info, they are now ready to use it widely, starting with Galaxy S5.


What is in fact, ISOCELL technology and why does it perform better than other technologies? In the following video by Samsung, you will surely learn all the answers. According to the Koreans, ISOCELL sensors are thinner than traditional BSI sensors, thus … Continue reading

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Fire in a Korean factory may affect Samsung Galaxy S5 release date

In case you didn’t know, Samsung’s new flagship will begin to hit stores by April 11th and a lot of users are waiting for it impatiently.


Unfortunately one of the Korean company’s factories caught fire yesterday, near Anseong (S. Korea). This specific factory was responsible for producing PCBs (circuit boards) for all Galaxy S5 devices. The fire was made known around 7 am Sunday morning and fire brigade reached soon after the area, comprised of 81 vehicles and 287 … Continue reading

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The first European prices for Samsung Galaxy S5

Just a couple of days after the official unveiling of the device and the time has come for us to find out some info regarding the price of Samsung’s Galaxy S5 in the European region. According to Amazon Spain, the device will cost around 729 Euros, while Amazon Germany gives a price of 699 Euros. The Italian site of Amazon that we checked didn’t have a price though yet.


In the UK, the Clove and the Unlocked-Mobiles are … Continue reading

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What does the gold Samsung Galaxy S5 really look like? A band aid perhaps?

Well after Nokia and HTC (that trolled Galaxy S5) it was the time for Jason Mackenzie (HTC America CEO) to do the same. So when he saw a tweet from Joanna Stem (a Wall Street Journal reporter) with an image of the gold Samsung Galaxy S5 he retweeted it using the… image you see below! Yes he used a band aid to show to people how unfortunate the design of the new Samsung flagship truly is.


So here it … Continue reading

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Is this part of Galaxy S5 package with official specs on it?

First of all, take it with a pinch of salt, since we know that there are a lot of rumours or Photoshop creations out there. In anyway this is supposedly part of the package of Galaxy S5 and on it we can spot most of its official specs!


According to them, the device will pack a quadcore chipset @ 2.5GHz, 3GB of RAM, a 5.25 inch display QHD (2560×1600 pixels), a 20MPixel and a 2MPixel camera, Android 4.4, LTE support and a … Continue reading

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Two versions of Galaxy S5 make an appearance in AnTuTu scoreboard!

Truth is we are all drooling to see for the first time Samsung’s Galaxy S5 in MWC 2014, but lately leaked images from AnTuTu suggest that there will be two different Galaxy S5 devices with significantly different technical specifications: the SM-G900H and SM-G900R4.


This seems to declare that Samsung will launch two Galaxy S5 versions: a lower end version of their popular smartphone as Apple did with the 5s and 5c models and a high end device!

According to … Continue reading

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