Rumor: Samsung Galaxy S4 And Note 3 To Start Geting Android 4.4 Update Next month


If you’re a long time Samsung user like me, you know that you’ll most probably get the latest Android updates 3-months after that update was introduced. And to some, even longer than 3 months – just ask me and my Galaxy Note 10.1 that’s still stuck with Android 4.1.2.

The Android 4.4 KitKat update was first launched back on October along with the Nexus 5. And According to French Carrier SFR, Samsung will begin to push out updates of … Continue reading

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Samsung Galaxy Note 3, available in red and white gold color?

It seems that the Koreans have been preparing new colors for Galaxy Note 3, their flagship phablet that has already become a huge hit among tech geeks. These news come from the guys over at Android Authority who have solid info regarding some new colorings made in the most notorious of the Galaxy phablets, Samsung’s Note 3!


These two new colors will be red and white gold and according to info they will be worldwide available soon since Samsung … Continue reading

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Several Samsung and HTC Devices Banned From Benchmark Site For Cheating


The controversy about Android OEMs cheating on benchmark tests to get a more appealing scores may have lost it’s steam by now but benchmark conducting groups – with their pride for giving accurate scores on the line, are still taking actions and preparing for the next generation of devices that may have have tricks on them to up their benchmark results.

One of them is Futuremark, a benchmark conducting group that ranks smartphones and tablets according to their 3D … Continue reading

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Samsung Galaxy Note 3 update available for SIM free devices

Samsung released recently an OTA update for Samsung Galaxy Note 3, with a size of 116MB approximately, aimed at all SIM-free Note 3 phablets and unlocked N9005 devices.


According to all the latest info, this update improves general stability, de activates re-activation lock (the features that demands to enter your Samsung account credentials in order to activate the device after a firmware hard reset. Until today this feature was activated and some people who didn’t know their Samsung account … Continue reading

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Rumors want Samsung unveiling a limited edition Note 3 with flexible display

Rumors from Korea talk about Samsung getting ready to unveil a limited edition of Galaxy Note 3 with a flexible display.Samsung-Galaxy-Note-3

The Koreans have been experimenting for quite some time on this project but so far they haven’t unveiled an official device. This is rumored to happen in November, with reports insisting that Samsung will incorporate this new flexible display into a limited edition Galaxy Note 3. As you can imagine this Note 3 with its flexible display will NOT be … Continue reading

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