Meizu Announces The MX4G And MX4G Mini


Meizu Chairman of the Board, Mr. Jack Wong, has announced via popular Chinese social network Weibo, two of their high-end offerings for the year 2014 – the MX4G And MX4G Mini. The thing is though, is that the he hasn’t mentioned any detail about the two devices, nor it’s release date and availability. He only said that the two devices are scheduled to release by the end of the year and that the MX4G won’t be smaller … Continue reading

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Meizu Plans To Enter The US Market Next Year


Meizu, one of the most popular Android OEMs in China, has been on the Android scene for a while, but still isn’t globally known as most of their products are ‘officially’ available only  in the Chinese market.

But it looks like Meizu is now readyor has plans to expand it’s reach to other markets specifically the US starting next year. According to Meizu’s press release, they “believe that there’s room in the U.S. market for another player,” and that … Continue reading

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Meizu Teases Their Upcoming Smartphone With 5.5-Inch 2560×1536 Display


Like most Chinese Android OEMs, Meizu produces some high-end smartphones but at a fairly low price.

And today the company’s CEO, Jack Wong has teased the public about one of the key features of their next device, called the Meizu MX4G. The device will feature a 5.5-inch screen like the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, but with a whopping of 2560×1536 resolution. That’s over 540 ppi, which is an incredibly dense panel.

But don’t get too excited just yet as … Continue reading

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