iF Design Award 2014 for LG G Flex

Well this wasn’t a surprise, don’t you think? LG’s G Flex curved smartphone finally gets an iF Design Gold Award and according to LG Newsroom: “The G Flex was commended by iF judges for implementing a new approach to the smartphone interface by putting controls on the back and adopting a curved display, thereby adding immensely to the smartphone experience in terms of both ergonomics and quality.”


The LG G Flex embodies a unique design that demonstrates LG’s cutting-edge capabilities … Continue reading

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LG Announces G Flex Global Rollout


Good news for consumers eager to get their hands on a LG G Flex as LG has finally announced that the flexible smartphone will start rolling out on a global scale. But it won’t be an immediate roll-out as it will start with it’s Asian neighbors first. This includes Singapore on December 8th, and Hong Kong on December 13th.

LG didn’t give any specific dates for other regions, but they mentioned a January launch in Europe.

And in case … Continue reading

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LG G Flex heals itself in another 8 min video

Well it looks we can have a look at another self healing procedure of LG’s new G Flex smartphone, the first device of the Koreans that packs a curved display.


The self healing feature of the back side panel of G Flex is the thing that’s being discussed the most in Internet blogs and even if the Koreans haven’t revealed the secrets behind this awesome feature there are a lot of interested people out there who’d like to know … Continue reading

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Rumor: LG G Flex To Enter The Global Market Next Month



The LG G Flex is set for a December 3rd launch in Hong Kong, where the Korean tech giant is also expected to announce it’s global shipping plans for the G Flex device. Orange in France is supposed to have the phone in stock next month, which could also indicate that other European countries may carry the device starting in December.

It is also expected to come in the the U.S, where Sprint, T-Mobile and AT&T will offer … Continue reading

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LG G Flex heals itself in promo video

Remember when LG announced G Flex with the “self-healing” back cover a few weeks back? Well here is a demo video, showing that feature in action.

LG_G_Flex-4_verge_super_wideA robot hand with a wire brush is scratching the regular and the G Flex plastic back covers. Applying 500g (1.1 lbs) of pressure, the scratches almost completely disappear after a few minutes. At 750g (1.65 lbs), it takes the scratches longer to vanish, but eventually they do. The G Flex even survives a … Continue reading

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LG to unveil G Flex next month

According to info from South Korea, LG plans to release its G Flex smartphone in the local market the following month. In case you don’t remember, rumors wanted LG to have this whole project as prototype, much like Samsung’s Galaxy Round smartphone, but this isn’t going to happen, since LG G Flex will be available normally!


According to the same sources, LG may release it in the Korean market but soon it will be off to a worldwide release!

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