HTC One M7, One Max, And One Mini Reaches Integration Stage For Sense 6 Update


With the new HTC One M8 already out, many HTC fans has been wondering as to when the other devices will get the latest Sense 6 update for their respective devices. And as a reply, HTC stated that it plans on rolling out the Sense 6 update to all HTC One family before the end of May. And according to HTC USA and Canada, the much awaited update is nearly ready as the HTC One M8, One Max, and … Continue reading

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Several Samsung and HTC Devices Banned From Benchmark Site For Cheating


The controversy about Android OEMs cheating on benchmark tests to get a more appealing scores may have lost it’s steam by now but benchmark conducting groups – with their pride for giving accurate scores on the line, are still taking actions and preparing for the next generation of devices that may have have tricks on them to up their benchmark results.

One of them is Futuremark, a benchmark conducting group that ranks smartphones and tablets according to their 3D … Continue reading

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Say Hello to the Gold HTC One Mini


Goldgenie, the company that has put its gold-plated spin on devices like the HTC One, iPhone 5S, and the iPad Mini has introduced their newest addintion; the 24 carat, gold-plated, HTC One Mini.

The gold HTC One Mini has a price tag of just $2020.95, and is available in Gold, Rose Gold or even Platinum finishes. The gold-plated One Mini is also presented in a luxury box with a cherry oak finish; with all accessories inside such … Continue reading

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