Google acquires the Swiss company Bitspin and its alarm clock app

Google announced recently that it acquired the Swiss based company Bitspin, better known for its awesome alarm clock app called Timely for Android. The app is an interesting alarm clock application, really easy to use with a lot of settings and it’s available here.


What’s best is that after the buy out, Timely Premium is now available for free and still after the acquisition from Google the app will continue to be available to all its users!

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Google and Audi: Is this the cooperation of the year?

A few days before CES 2014, reports want Google to announce its cooperation with Audi for the production and integration of Android in-car systems! We remind you that the effort has already started a long time ago from Apple with BMW, Daimler, General Motors, Ferrari, Honda and Mercedes-Benz to have come out in support of the company from Cupertino.


However, Google wants to go one step further with Audi (let us not forget that it is part of the 1st … Continue reading

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Nokia wins another lawsuit over HTC

It looks like Nokia has another thing to be grateful about this new year, since – according to a German court ruling the company can forbid the sales of HTC devices in Germany that are against patent No EP1148681. So Nokia – if they want- can ask HTC to stop the release of several devices like HTC One Mini, One and One Max! Obviously if the finnish want to do such a thing they have to pay first 400 million euros to HTC.

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Report: 98% of Google Play Store Revenue Came From “Freemium” Apps



Have you ever wondered why most app/game development companies are going the “freemium” way of earning revenues now? If your answer is yes, this might interest you a little as according to a new research from Distimo, 98% of all Google Play Store revenue comes from in-app purchases from free titles. Is that enough reason for you?

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Motorola CEO Dennis Woodside Talks About Google And Expectations


Motorola, being owned by Google, is always under the pressure of living up to people’s expectation while managing to keep the Motorola name afloat along-side it’s owner’s big name. And in an interview with the Journal Gazette, CEO Dennis Woodside talked about his thoughts and expectations about it.

When asked why Motorola couldn’t stand on it’s own as a company, Woodside said that Google offers Motorola a boost that it didn’t have prior to the acquisition:


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Nexus 5. Minor improvements in hardware and software in latest devices!

Some new Nexus 5 users noticed some minor differences in their latest devices, especially when compared to the first batch of the device.


According to the photo above, you can see that the new Nexus 5 models have larger speaker holes for better sound fidelity and the hardware keys (on/off and volume) have been made out of better quality plastic with Google and LG making efforts to improve the whole feeling of the device. Apart from all these, the … Continue reading

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