Google Q1 2014 fiscal results

Google announced today its Q1 fiscal results and they were quite impressive! You can see them here (PDF) but to sum them all up, note that the company has increased revenue (15,4$ billion) (19% up when compared to last year’s), 3.45$ billion in net profit and improved profit per share at $5,04. Google’s websites bring almost 68% of its earnings and even though the paid clicks increased by 26% when compared to Q4 2013, the cost per click dropped by 9%.

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Android Police reveals new redesigned icons by Google

Well this looks strange. According to info from Android Police, Google plans to do a major UI redesign in Android. The new icons can be seen in the images below and have been inspired by the web visual identity of the company.


According to the website, this leak is 70% trustworthy even though we don’t know for sure if Google will continue to develop the icons and transform even more from them.

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Here are the specs of Google’s and LG’s smartwatch

Well here it is again, @evleaks strike back with some impressive leaks this time! And what he leaked? The purported specs of Google’s and LG’s first smartwatch!



As you can see it will be a smartwach with an IPS LCD display @ 1.65 inches, with a 280×280 pixel resolution, 512MB of RAM and 4GB of storage! It has similar specs to Samsung’s Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo that however run on Tizen os and have better display resolution … Continue reading

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Google To Release Developer SDK For Wearable Devices Next Week


It’s no secret that Android is now the undisputed number one OS in the mobile world, so it’s only natural that it will be the go-to choice for manufacturers to use for the emerging wearable tech market. And to further encourage the use of the Android platform for wearable devices, Google will be releasing the developer SDK for wearable devices in two weeks.

The Android SDK for wearables will be a great help to make it easier for manufacturers … Continue reading

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Report: Andy Rubin Offered Android To Samsung First, But Samsung Passed


Andy Rubin, the founder of Android, is now retired from his duties to the OS and is now working on robots with Google still. But did you know that Google wasn’t the first option back when Rubin was still finding someone to back the OS up?

Once upon a time in 2005, where smartphones wasn’t a bit of what it is now and when Android was only two years old, Andy Rubin and his small team of developers decided … Continue reading

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Google Acquires SlickLogIn


SlickLogIn, if you aren’t familiar with it, is a sound-based password alternative that was launched just five months ago. And now the password alternative service has been acquired by Google where the company aims for a safer internet experience for users.

SlickLogin utlilizes a unique sound for a verified user that will be identified by an app to pick up the sound, analyze it, to confirm the identity of the one holding the phone. The service uses WiFi, Bluetooth, … Continue reading

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