Google: Banner ads on front page.


Google’s search engine gained our attention, when it started in 1998, because its opening search page, and following results page, was uncluttered by adverts and other elements (especially banner ads). Actually was characterized by its simplicity. Also, in 2000 Google’s founder Larry Page and Sergey Brin, were offered $3m by Visa to display an ad for the credit card company on the site homepage, but Google turned it down, even though the site was losing … Continue reading

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Xiaomi turning user feedback into Shipped Product in a matter of days


Xiaomi has been often labeled as the “Apple of China.” But from our point of view, the two companies have huge differences. They can be compared in terms of build quality of their products, but how both companies handle their users’ feedback? Totally out of comparison.

And that is something Hugo Barra (former Vice President of Product Management for Android) described at Tuesday’s GMIC mobile Internet conference in San Francisco. He revealed the “design as you build” process that Xiaomi follows … Continue reading

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Google updated Play Store to version 4.4.21


Google just released a new version of it’s Play Store. This update (version 4.4.21) brings a new User Interface that replaces the old navigation, with a slide-out navigation menu. This change will make it easier for the users to find what they are looking for.

We haven’t observed any other changes, except the slide-out navigation menu. Unfortunately this update didn’t bring the “more drastic card-heavy UI” we expected for, but we hope to get it in near future releases.

Below you can … Continue reading

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Google’s Android devices with pressure sensitivity?

Google got his hands on a patent that might reveal Android phones of the future. It involves pressure sensitivity on a phone’s body, where a user will be able to navigate the phone by squeezing, shearing or splaying the device. Squeezing is pretty obvious – you simply apply pressure holding the phone in your hand. Shearing is when you slide up the left side of the phone while sliding down the right side and vice versa. Splaying is done when you spread your fingers apart to the edges of the screen.

google_android_squeeze_patent_1 Continue reading

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Nexus 5 Official Press Photo


Ok here is the first official press photo of Google’s newest flagship smartphone, the Nexus 5. You can see it here, but the link may go down.

As we can see there is new Camera app icon and a new icon of the Dialer (which personally i don’t like at all) as well.

However the whole device seems very beautiful. It’s a simple and clear design we like a lot.

We expect the official announcement of the new Nexus 5 and … Continue reading

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Google Hummingbirds: new algorithm that changes its search engine.


Google recently celebrated its 15th anniversary (in the Palo Alto garage where Sergey and Brin first got started), and announced the biggest change to Google search, since 2001, with the name Hummingbird.  Hummingbird is a completely new search algorithm that affects 90 percent of all searches. The most interesting part is that Hummingbird actually launched a month before the announcement… and no one noticed. Once again, that’s exactly what Google wants. 

Google has … Continue reading

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