Google Glass now available for all (as long as…)

If you live in the US, you’re over 18 and want to spend almost 1500$ to become a Google Glass Explorer then you can! Shortly after Google unveiled its Google Glasses to developers only, now anyone can buy them!


You can fill an application here, but truth be told, even if we lived in the USA, we wouldn’t buy it. We prefer to wait for a more consumer friendly version, at a much lower … Continue reading

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Google Glass Prescription Lens’ Pricing Announced



People have been waiting for this, when Google said have started working on it several months ago, and today the wait is almost over as it’s nearing it’s availability.

According to the folks at Rochester Optical, the custom lenses will have a starting price of $99. They also said that pre-orders will start shortly after CES, which ends January 10th. Just last week, Rochester sent out a questionnaire last week, which was their attempt at gauging … Continue reading

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Illinois To Ban The Use Of Google Glass While Driving


Altough it’s yet to be made available to most consumers, Google’s wearable tech device – Google Glass has already been a subject to a lot of mixed reception in the United States as there has already been attempts being made by some states to ban the use of it in some places and situations.

The Google Glass is a very powerful device, as you can pretty much do almost anything you can do with your smartphone with it but Continue reading

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Get ready for the new improved Google Glass

Google unveiled in a Google+ post the new, improved Google Glass that will have a removable ear-piece and can be compatible with prescription lenses!


The US company also announced that all Google Glass Explorers that have bought the 1500$ edition will get the new version for free, along with 3 invitations for 3 of their friends who wish to participate!

google-glass-new-630x394 Continue reading

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Google Announces New Glass Hardware Revision


The Google Glass team has announced that a new version of Google Glass will be made available for Glass Explorers (current Google Glass owners) where they will have the option to replace their existing Glasses for the new and revised version.
Google also advised their current users to keep check of their e-mails as they are bound to receive one shortly with more information.

This new version or Glass 2.0 will work with a future line of shades … Continue reading

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Samsung Patent Reveals ‘Sports Glasses’ That Could Compete With Google Glass


It looks like the wearable tech market is set to explode soon with multiple OEMs producing smart-watches, and now some are already exploring their options to compete with Google Glass as we discovered through Korean patent filing from earlier this year that Samsung is working on a “Sports Glasses.” It is also reported that Sony, Microsoft, and Apple are all working on glasses of their own.

The Wall Street Journal uncovered that the patent was granted full … Continue reading

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