Dong Nguyen Explains Why He Took Down Flappy Bird


Flappy Bird creator finally broke his silence after pulling the game out on both the Apple iTunes and the Google Play Store in his interview with Forbes. Nguyen stated that he created the game to be played when people are relaxed. But the frustratingly entertaining game has proved to be more than a game for relaxation as it suddenly rose to the top of both the Android and iOS charts as the most played game where Nguyen … Continue reading

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Flappy Bird Developer Keeps His Word, App No Longer In Play Store


Flappy Bird developer Dong Nguyen has made a shocking announcement yesterday that he will take the game down after 22 hours (which is already up today). And as for the reason why, he said that cannot take it anymore and the game ruins his simple life. He also said that it has nothing to do with the controversy and accusations of bot activity. He also stated that he has no intention in selling the game … Continue reading

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Flappy Bird To Be Removed From iTunes and Play Store 17 Hours From Now, Says Developer


At this point in time, it’s almost a rarity to find someone who still hadn’t heard of the hit iOS and Android game, Flappy Bird. I for one have not tried the game yet, but it’s impossible not to hear about it since it’s the rage of almost everyone using an iPhone or an Android device.

The game is pretty simple though, as you only have to tap your way out of obstacles and your score will … Continue reading

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