Lenovo Announces The 19.5-Inch N308 Convertible Android Tablet


Lenovo, like Acer and Asus, is known to produce laptop/tablet hybrids for people who also use their Android tablets for work or school. And today at CES, the Chinese company announced their newest addition to their list of convertible devices – the Lenovo N308.

The Lenovo N308 runs on Android 4.2 and features a huge 19.5-inch LED HD+ 1600×900 resolution display. Looking at the hardware, the tablet is powered by NVIDIA Tegra 4 processor, that is optimal for Android … Continue reading

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Corning Announces 3D Gorilla Glass For Flexible Displays



Before you start reading., stop. It is not what you think. This new Gorilla Glass has nothing to do with 3D television sets or anything that has 3D viewing in it.

Corning’s new 3D Gorilla Glass display refers to their new glass technology that can be shaped in three dimensions, or bendable, just like Samsung’s Galaxy Round and LG’s G FLex. Corning also stated their belief that smartphones with flexible displays will be a standard feature in the … Continue reading

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Samsung Announces Smart Home Service – Enables Users To Manage Home Devices Through A Single App


Samsung has envisioned this before, that they want to make an ecosystem where all devices, from electronic appliances to mobile gadgets, to be able to connect with each other to help people manage and control all of them through a single integrated platform.

And now Samsung has taken the first step towards their dream as they announces the Samsung Smart service, that will allow people to do just that on all of their Samsung devices at home.

The three main features … Continue reading

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Meet ZTE’s lineup for CES 2014

ZTE just unveiled its CES 2014 line up of models, scheduled to take place next week in Las Vegas. Among them we find 5 new smartphones, a smart watch and some other gadgets.


The most notorious of all is ZTE Iconic Phablet with a 5.7 inch display (720p) and Gorilla Glass protection. Inside it packs a quad core SoC with Dolby Digital support, wireless charging compatibility and multitasking with 2 apps running simultaneously in 2 windows. ZTE will also … Continue reading

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Asus reveals teaser video before CES 2014

4, 5 or 6?? Whatever your favorite number may be, it looks like Asus will have a special device for your liking, if we take for granted what this new teaser video implies.


In it we can see a strange rain from little colorful balls to an almost sunny day, with drivers and bypassers gasping in awe with what they see, in the sky of Taiwan! The video is entitled “what’s your number?” but gives no more info regarding … Continue reading

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