Blackberry’s BBM for Android is in Beta testing


According to, the new BBM Beta for Android has been given to those groups that participate in the beta testing. Most of beta testers will still have to wait to use it, but the important thing is that there are signs that there is movement on this issue.

The UI of the new BBM beta for Android has received more polish. There is also a welcome screen explaining that the notifications are now present. The notifications running in … Continue reading

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BitTorrent Chat: New instant messaging service for secure conversations


BitTorrent announced its new Instant Messaging service called BitTorrent Chat.

BitTorrent Chat was created for keeping our messaging conversations private. We all know tactics are used from NSA and other agencies, for monitoring and recording whatever they want. That’s the main reason BitTorrent Chat introduced to consumers.

BitTorrent Chat, unlike Skype, Hangouts, iMessage, Whatsapp and other messaging service, will NOT store user’s data to a central server, but will use an encrypted peer-to-peer network. That means that it will … Continue reading

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Wanna make your Android phone look like an iOS 7.0 device? (nah)

Despite the fact that a lot of people all over the net think that the latest version of iOS 7.0 looks impressively like Android, we post this just for those of you out there who think that their Android smartphone should look like iOS 7.0.


It’s a completely useless app that will allow you to make a joke to your friends that’s named iOS 7 Lockscreen Parallax HD and you get to have for free from Google’s Play Store,  Continue reading

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