T-Mobile Announces $0 Down For Tablets With 200MB Of Free Monthly Data


T-Mobile has been introducing new features and ideals as of late to undercut their competition that have all introduced some form of early upgrade system after T-Mobile unveiled Uncarrier.

And their next move? To bring Uncarrier to the tablet market – Meaning you can get a tablet with a monthly payment according to the plan you selected PLUS T-Mobile guarantees free a 200MB of 4G LTE data a month as long as you own the tablet.

If you want more data than just 200MB, you’ll have to pick up a no contract plan. The basic $10 a month plan offers unlimited data with 500MB of LTE data and you can add 2GB on top of that for an extra $10 a month each. T-Mobile also offers daily and weekly passes of extra data for high prices ($5 for a day of 500MB of LTE and $10 for a week of 1GB of LTE).

T-Mobile also announced that they will be offering the new iPads at $0 down, with monthly payments ranging from $18 to $27, depending on the model with $99 extra on the down-payment for every step up in memory size.



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