South Korea Bans Unremovable Mobile Bloatwares


Have you ever owned a Windows Phone? Where you can easily un-install all the AT&T bloatwares and stuff by just long-pressing the app icon? If you’re an Android fanatic, that’s one feature you probably want so badly. And sharing the same thoughts is the South Korean Ministry of Science, ICT, and Future Planning as they have banned the common practice of smartphone OEMs and carriers putting on bloatwares that cannot be uninstalled.

All network carriers and smartphone OEMs are required to make all their pre-installed apps for removable by normal means. Exempted applications are those which have something to do with network, customer service, and app stores.

The ministry also said that this aims to stop the practice of manufacturers that causes inconvenience to mobile consumers and causes unfair competition among the industry.

For now, the only way to remove bloatwares on Android devices are by rooting them, and deleting the application’s apk in the system partition.

We don’t know if other countries will follow suit to this new implementation, but for us consumers, being able to freely delete all unwanted is definitely a joy.



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