Sony urges devs to create apps for its new cameras

sony-camera-apiSony unveiled recently a new program and Camera Remote API and it looks like they are urging developers to start creating new apps for their hot cameras. According to the official announcement, the API will help you devs out there build apps that can control the camera, get the image of what the sensor sees, upload the images and even do some fancy things like time-lapse photography. The API is not single-platform depended, and will work with developers writing apps for Android, iOS and Windows. In addition it’s JSON based so most developers will be able to learn how to implement it quickly.

Don’t forget that Sony recently unveiled its new QX10 and QX100 camera lenses that gained a good bit of interest, so it’s smart for Sony to do this.From what we learned, they have a basic app in Google Play, and one coming to the Apple app store, that you can control things with, but it needs some improvement to really use these new lens cameras to their fullest potential. The tools are in beta phase so far, but we believe that they can make it happen.

You can get more info on the program, here.

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